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Some gear emerges as we dilemma nearly every element of kiteboarding and discussion how you can give riders exactly what they need, whereas other goods are just simply the offspring of the things they trip.

Airush have focused on crafting a variety of apparatus that appeals to the exclusive standards and provides you the equipment to take your kiting to new stages. The Airush tactic could be to use numerous configurations that ideal fits the individual rider consequently keeping away from any single state of mind that may blind us.

The Lithium really is a moderately reduced part three strut delta hybrid kite which been given particularly favorable critiques from your screening workforce. Essentially the most evident switch for 2014 may be the Poly Load Frame which adds reinforcement all through the kite’s canopy, which Airush tells us makes a more sound link and helps prevent stretching all through the cover. The examination crew observed the Lithium to be a fun, simple to operate freeride kite that does most all sorts of things effectively. Supplying medium bar strain and immediate steering reaction, the Lithium features a pivot type change that produced rather predictable energy, and relaunched clearly from useless downwind. The Lithium does not provide the explosive boosting potential of the Varial X, but is a superb performer to the throughout kiter that enjoys freeriding, waves and informal freestyle.

The Lithium arrives while using the Shrewd Bar 5 which features impressive telescoping bar size adjustability, plastic depower/throw line, sliding stopper, higher than the bar depower strap with extension handles as well as a clean and crisp drive away effective launch. This bar is probably the very few that mixes the longevity of the plastic coated depower/throw line by having an adjustable stopper. Some reviewers noted the region about the handles seemed a tiny bit busy, but the tuning controls labored very very well and permit for any even bigger adjustable duration throw. The telescoping bar is extraordinarily simple and easy to regulate but we propose generating variations when you’re on land since the bar ends is usually totally removed. Feminine testers commented around the bar humps not fitting their more compact arms although the textured EVA had just the most suitable density for consolation and management. General, this bar gained really high marks for its qualities, functionality and comfort.

airush c kite vs bow kite


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